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We realized there are 2 specific areas we can assist with:

  1. Clean all carpet by hot water extraction method and then add a germicidal anti-microbial
  2. Clean all soft seating (which is commonly overlooked)

We’re encouraging everyone to contact us now for flooring & upholstery/soft seating cleaning. At this point many workplaces are unoccupied, which means this is the time to take advantage of prepping for your team’s return.  They’ll both appreciate and expect you’ve taken every step necessary to ensure their well-being. Our 33 years of experience as cleaning specialists throughout the San Francisco Bay Area makes us uniquely qualified in providing you a clean and healthy workplace – it’s as important now as ever (peace of mind = freedom from worry and anxiety).

Excerpts from the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) & Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC – of which we are a member):

“With the recent announcement by the CDC that the virus can likely be transmitted through contact with contaminated clothes, linens, and shoes, the washing of soft goods now has increased importance.”

“Applying appropriate anti-microbial solutions as an aerosol is an effective way to reduce micro-organisms on walls, floors, and horizontal surfaces.”

We are vetted by following Center for Disease Control guidelines for our operations.  We are fortunate to have a role in providing a solution and we’re here to help.

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